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About us

Greetings KUSH NATION,

Let it be firmly fixed in your mind, this biography was written from the abyss of failure and unlikely place to start a viable business, especially when your office by day doubles as a six-by-nine prison cell at night.

Welcome to a real-life hustler's story, where two erstwhile gangsters had a "nothing to lose" attitude, and built a world-class company out of sheer determination, and a burning passion for success. These two former gang-stars had a vision...a vision that extended far beyond the menacing hollows of a level-three prison yard. Imagine a dilapidated castle fortified by ominous gun towers, impenetrable razor-wire fences, and jail cells the size of a janitor's closet with matching bunk beds to complete the decor. Its indignities consist of substandard community showers, unpredictable cell searches, and random strip-outs by correctional officers who despise their jobs.

The prison culture is incapacitating and demoralizing, and it's designed to keep its captives mentally enslaved while emotionally disconnected from society. It's a place where even the most adroit scofflaws can find themselves precious prey if they're not careful. Only apex predators thrive in this environment, because they're like strategic chess players...every move is precisely calculated and devilishly executed.

For instance, to keep the cheat off some people, they're willing to take penitentiary chances just to get ahead, while others favor endless gambling games like playing poker or waging bets on parlay tickets. Some even peddle recycled porn, while the rest of the population is trying to hustle by any means necessary. Extortion is perhaps one of the most lucrative within our culture. However within the upper echelon of criminal enterprising, it's considered a low-level hustle. Lamentably, this behavior is totally unacceptable but it's a never-ending cycle in the heart of the jungle.

To people who are unaware, prison is a disgraceful depository where society casts its exiles; our daily companions include the satanic Hannibal Lecter, the incorrigible Charles Manson, the malignant Jack the Ripper, and the not-so-explosive Oklahoma City Bomber...or at least the disconcerting  combination of the likes thereof.

You're probably saying, "What the hell does all of this prison verbiage have to do with an exclusive clothing line?" We would humbly reply by saying: it has everything to do with our brand because it's our story, our life, and it's what we wake up to every morning...the daily drama of jailhouse politics. And for us to build a successful business from behind bars under such atrocious circumstances is groundbreaking and should be commended with much adulation.



We have already mastered the game by getting this far in the business industry; next we will change the game by pooling together our resources to create an ironclad networking system that will catapult our company to greatness. But our ultimate goal is to redefine the game by tapping into an under-saturated market that's craving unique innovation and creative ideas. This charge will be led by its fearless leaders and irreplaceable team of titans, a far cry from the traditional business people of the world that have crowned physical freedom as the only standard by which to be successful. GGKW™ is doggedly determined to change that paradigm.



On October 13, 2015, two former gang members who are currently housed in the Colorado Department of Corrections thought it was time to shine, but most certainly not before we grind. So we created a very catchy business name, GreenGold Kush Wear™, only after numerous name changes due to trademark conflicts. The name we chose was inspired by the Kush Rush that radically took the cannabis world by storm. Therefore, the “Kush Wear” phrase rightly speaks for itself. It just means that GGKW™ sells only the highest "strain" of clothing. Remember when oil was considered black gold? Now marijuana is considered green gold.


GreenGold KushWearTM is a cannabis-themed clothing company that will specialize in custom-made T-shirts and brand-related accessories that are associated with our vision. We began our journey as hungry "wantrepreneurs" painfully tired of the everyday rigors of prison life. Now we expend most of our energy leading our business to success by following a well-devised desperation plan that will help us to rise above the prison culture...a prime example of how your current circumstances don't have to define who you are as a person.


Initially we only wanted to create a business that would financially sustain us and our families throughout the duration of our sentences, until we realized there was a higher calling that needed to be answered. Why not assist the up-and-coming artists to discover their voices amid the ambient noise of despair and despondency? To do this, GGKW™ has set up a payment plan that would make direct deposits to inmate accounting via This process will supplement the artists' less-than-adequate income in exchange for original drawings made particularly for the GreenGold brand. Then, the art will be immediately transferred to T-shirts for retail sale...a win-­win outcome for everyone involved.


As detainees of the state, we are keenly aware of the restrictions on what we can and cannot do. But the apparent limitations didn't stop us from thinking outside the box, no pun intended. These challenges only fuel our desire to become something more than just another D.O.C. become legendary with a cutting-edge product that will forever change the landscape of clothing and accessories.


The first thing to do was to partner with a person on the outside who shared the same vision. Hence, we brought in the perfect business partner to help us run our company as CFO. She's intelligent and hard-working, but what's most impressive is her resume. She's also, perhaps, one of the most neglected heroes of our time. So, as a token of our love and gratitude, we gave her something she could call her own. Shortly thereafter, we employed one of the most gifted people in prison to be our marketing manager, because he possesses the whole package...character, integrity, and vision, as well as book sense, street sense, and common sense. He is the passion and drive of this outfit, and he is greatly valued for his creativity and contributions.

Now that our management team is finalized, there is one more component that must be procured to make this "Dream Team" complete...a reliable printing company that has our best interests at heart.



On a prepaid call to a long-time friend who proudly owns Honeycutt Enterprises (, I stressed how disgruntled we were with the unprofessionalism of our current printer and how we were in desperate need of a new partnership. His response was unexpected but very much needed, especially when you consider where GGKW™ would be without the blessing he offered us. Not only did Michael know one of the best printers in the game, he introduced us to him without hesitation. The miracle came in the form of a man named George Munson, founder and CEO of “Wrapped With Envy.” To our surprise, George also happened to be incarcerated in the same prison where GGKW™ began its journey.

When I first met George, I passionately explained our dilemma and the vision we had for our company. After talking to him for three or four minutes, I immediately knew by the look on his face that he was thoroughly impressed with what we're doing. I just needed to convince him to now believe in me as one of the leaders of this brand, and that I could indeed take GGKW™ to the top with his assistance. From the suffocating confines of state prison, we will build one of the most influential pot­-themed clothing companies in the world...of course with the help of God first, and secondly, our amazing fan club, the “GreenGold Diggers.”



Hopefully, after reading these words you’ll be inspired to design your own business from the pit of your own set of problems. The choice is yours. No matter what your struggle is, it is an opportunity to rediscover your purpose, and find true meaning in life like we did!